OLP 1+1 Optical Line Protection System 1310/1550nm Single Mode 9/125 Fiber LC/PC Connector Pluggable Module

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PN: SUN-OTS3000-OLP-1+1-SM-1310/1550-LP
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OTS3000-OLP optical line protection system is a kind of protector for optical line automatic switching in optical communication integrated platform. Optical Line Protection System(OLP) is an automatic monitoring and protection system which is independent of telecommunication transmission system and completely based on physical link of fiber. It has features such as independent transparent transmission, high reliability, high stability, fast fault protection, etc.

PDL ≤ 0.20 dB Wavelength Range 1260 ~ 1650 nm
WDL ≤ 0.30 dB Dimension (WxDxH) 160×200×21 mm
Relative Humidity 5 ~ 95% Operating Temperature -5~+55℃
Storage Temperature -20~+70℃
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