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Reliability Verification

Verify the product reliability in normal use, transportation or storage during the specified life cycle.

Compliance with Standards

Ensures that products comply with these standards, which helps mitigate the risk of non-compliance and its associated penalties.

Building Trust

Build customer trust and loyalty and improve customer satisfaction by ensuring a reliable product.

Diverse Test Capabilities

Reliability Test

Mechanical Withstand Test

Gives evidence that the product can withstand the conditions it will be exposed to during normal use such as vibration, shock and temperature changes.

Test Items:
Mechanical Vibration
Mechanical Shock
Thermal Shock

Environmental Test

Measure the performance of products under specified environmental conditions

Test Items:
Temperature Cycling & Shock
High Temperature & High Humidity
Cycle Humidity Resistance

Fiber Integrity Test

Fiber integrity testing includes bend & twist test, side pull test and straight pull test

Test Items:
Bend & Twist
Side Pull
Straight Pull
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