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Smart Optical Protection

GLSUN Smart optical protection system provides all-round protection f the stability of optical transmission network, by solving problems of instability caused by construction damage, man-made sabotage, natural disasters, power outage, board failure, etc.  

Solution - OLP 1:1

There are two lines between site A site B, the optical transmission system selects one of the transmission lines as the mainline the other as the backup line to transmit the primary signal not transmit signal.

When the mainline an optical fiber/cable of the mainline fails, resulting in the decreasing of communication quality, the receiving terminal of the mainline monitors the power drop of the signal automatically switches the transmission signal route from the mainline to the backup line. The OLP equipment on the other side will synchronously switch the local line to the backup line.

Solution - OLP 1+1

The optical signal from site A is beamed by a 50:50 coupler transmitted to site B through the main backup lines at the same time. At the receiving terminal, the receiver of site B chooses to receive one signal according to the power of the two signals received. Insertion loss is 5dB.


Solution - OLP-PON

It features transparent transmission, high stability, high reliability. Real-time monitor optical power of main and backup fibers is in place, which can improve the reliability of transmission network, realize automatic recovery of communication in a very short period of time.

Solution - OBP (Bypass)

It features bypass protection of no optical signal, bypass protection of power down, with low insertion loss fast switching. It supports serial port, network management, management via panel button, with built-in heartbeat intelligent detection.

Solution - OLP BIDI

This solution is applicable when lacking optical core resources in urgent need to protect the important line. It supports backup fiber monitoring, as well as serial port, network management, management via panel button. It features double transmitter receiver selectively, transmitter simultaneously receiver selectively, lock without optical signal, has low insertion loss fast switching.

Solution - OCP (N+1:N)

It features one backup line which can be shared by multi-line, with low insertion loss, fast switching, high stability, reliability. Transparent transmission signal.

Solution - EDFA, DCM

It is applicable areas include fiber backbone network long-distance transmission amplification, optical signal power amplification before optical signal split flow, optical signal power amplification before the optical receiver equipment receives it. Working mode: APC, AGC, ACC, etc. It supports serial port, network management, management via panel button, featuring high gain, low noise, low gain flatness, adjus gain.