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Data Center Interconnection


Data Center Interconnect: The Backbone of the Digital Age


Data center interconnect refers to the technologies and infrastructure that enable high-speed data transfer between geographically dispersed data centers. Think of it as a highway system for data, allowing different facilities to communicate and share resources seamlessly.

The rapid growth of cloud computing, big data, and AI has placed unprecedented demands on data centers. As these facilities expand and become more distributed, efficient and reliable data center interconnect (DCI) solutions are crucial.


GLSUN: Empowering Next-Generation DCI


GLSUN is at the forefront of DCI solutions, providing cutting-edge technology to build a robust and high-performance data center network. Our comprehensive product portfolio includes:
Silicon Photonics High Power DFB LD Chips, Optical Isolators, 800G Silicon Photonics Transceivers, MPO Patch Cables, Optical Switches(1xN Switches, 8x8 Matrix Switches, MxN Rack Mount Switches).