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Types of 10G SFP+ Optical Transceiver Modules

November 01,2022

10G SFP+ transceiver is an enhanced version of SFP transceiver module. It provides various of 10 Gigabit Ethernet connectivity options for data centers, enterprises and Internet Service Providers applications. It supports 8 Gbit/s Fibre Channel, 10 Gigabit Ethernet and Optical Transport Network. 10G SFP+ transceivers include SR, LR, LRM, ER, ZR, BiDi CWDM and DWDM series.

10G SFP+ SR Optical Transceiver
SR means short range. The 10G SFP+ SR transceiver module supports up to 300 link lengths over OM3/OM4 multi-mode at 850nm wavelength via an LC duplex connector. It is designed for short-distance 10 Gigabit network transmission.

10G SFP+ LR Optical Transceiver
LR means long range. LRM means long range multimode. 10G SFP+ LR optical transceiver supports up to 10km link lengths over LC duplex singlemode Fiber at a wavelength of 1310nm. It features in miniaturization, low power consumption and long transmission distance.

10G SFP+ ER Optical Transceiver
ER means extended range.10G SFP+ ER optical transceiver supports a link length of up to 40 kilometers over a single-mode fiber at a wavelength of 1310nm or 1550nm via using a LC connector. 10G SFP+ ER transceiver is a very cost-effective long-distance transmission optical module, which is currently favored in data centers and enterprises.

10G SFP+ ZR Optical Transceiver
ZR means ze best range. 10G SFP+ ZR Optical Transceiver supports a link lengths of up to 100 kilometers over a single-mode fiber at a wavelength of 1550nm via using a LC connector. It designs for long distance transmission in metro network.

10G SFP+ BiDi Optical Transceiver
The 10G SFP+ BiDi optical transceiver module adopts WDM technology, which realizes the bidirectional transmission of optical signals on one optical fiber, that is to say, optical signals can be transmitted and received using one port, but the transmitting and receiving directions must use different center wavelengths. Because this module can maximize the utilization of optical fibers, effectively reduce the usage of optical fibers, and reduce the deployment cost of the network, it has become the first choice for building a 10G network. Note that this module needs to be used in pairs.

10G SFP+ CWDM Optical Transceiver
10G SFP+ CWDM optical transceiver module is a kind of coarse wavelength division multiplexing transceiver, which reaches up to 40km-80km over a single-mode fiber. This optical transceiver module can save fiber resources by using CWDM technology, which can significantly improve the flexibility, economy, and reliability of networking. 10G SFP+ CWDM transceiver solutions can help to reduce the cabling cost for DCI, Campus and Service Providers.

10G SFP+ DWDM Optical Transceiver
10G SFP+ DWDM optical transceiver module is designed for 10G Ethernet, 10G Fibre Channel, SDH STM-64 and OTN OTU2e links reach up to 40km-80km over a single-mode fiber. It offers carriers and large enterprises with a scalable, flexible DWDM optical network system and reduce cabling costs. It is sui for long-distance data transmission. This optical module can meet the needs of large capacity and long-distance transmission to the greatest extent, and provide a s guarantee for multi-service operation and future network upgrade and expansion. It also supports multiple networking modes and wavelength scheduling. It has the advantages of easy capacity expansion, flexible service access, high bandwidth utilization and high reliability.