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What Are the Application Solutions of Optical Bypass Protection Systems?

November 03,2023

The optical bypass protection (OBP) system is an intelligent system used in the field of optical fiber communications and can automatically bypass faulty network nodes. The system automatically identifies the power supply status and optical signal output status of network nodes. When a node fails, the system performs instantaneous switching of the optical path to bypass the faulty network node. Through faulty network nodes, it can avoid total blockage of network nodes and maintain normal system connectivity.

With the rapid development of the Internet, the threats faced by network information security have become more and more severe. Therefore, various information security protection measures have become more and more widely used. Many security protection devices are mostly deployed in key nodes of the network in a serial manner. Data packets implement corresponding security policies to identify and process legal/illegal traffic. But at the same time, if such equipment deployed in series becomes a single point of failure due to unexpected failure (such as hardware failure, power failure, software deadlock, etc.), it will cause the customer's network to be paralyzed. In order to avoid this situation, GLSUN 's OTS3000-OBP series optical network security bypass protection system can provide a good solution. The scene simulation diagram is as following:

Program features

Applicable scenarios: Applicable to all types of gateway devices, such as DPI devices, firewalls, IPS, UTM, IDP, spam gateways, anti-virus gateways, dedicated DDos devices, dedicated logical isolation devices in various fields, etc.

Automatic switching function: automatic instantaneous switching, shielding faulty nodes without human intervention.

Fast response speed: switching time <20ms.

Safe and reliable: physical layer equipment, used in pure optical network environment, transparent transmission, independent of line data, format, and multiplexing.

Multiple trigger modes: power trigger (automatic bypass when the device is powered off), abnormal receiving and receiving light power (abnormal lighting of the gateway device), dog feeding timeout (gateway downtime, software deadlock), manual switching.

Network management function: supports SNMP, CLI, Telnet, Web and other management methods to realize real-time monitoring, configuration and management of Bypass optical bypass device status.

Heartbeat function: In-band active heartbeat detection technology.

Power protection: The power supply supports 220V AC, -48V DC power supply, and 1+1 power input protection.

Power-off and power-on retention function: When the Bypass device is powered off or on, it does not affect the switching status of the working route, ensuring the normal operation of the system, and has a hot-swappable function.

Supports power storage function: It can ensure that incorrect switching actions will not occur when the Bypass device itself loses power or loses power at the same time.