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The Types and Applications of Optical Tranceiver Modules

April 21,2023

The network communication was originally transmitted by power cable, but due to the short transmission distance, and it will be affected by resistance and electromagnetic interference, it has been eliminated in long-distance transmission. It is replaced by optical fiber communication, which has the advantages of large capacity (large bandwidth), strong confidentiality, small attenuation, and long transmission distance, and has now become an irreplaceable role in long-distance transmission.

However, network equipment cannot directly convert electrical signals into optical signals for transmission in optical fibers, so the optical module was born, and its appearance is to realize the photoelectric conversion function.

The dual-fiber optical transceiver module can convert the electrical signal into an optical signal through the transmitting component TOSA for transmission in the optical fiber, and the receiving component ROSA can convert the received optical signal into an electrical signal to be received by the network device. Therefore, the combination of optical modules and optical fibers is the only contributor to extending the signal transmission of network equipment.

Optical transceiver module products can be divided into access products, wireless products, transmission products, and data center products according to the market. Access products refer to PON modules, which include EPON and GPON, which are mainly used in telecommunications access networks.
Wireless products are usually used in base stations, such as 10G SFP+/25G SFP28/100G QSFP28 series optical modules, BiDi series optical transceiver modules, etc.

Transmission products are mainly used in backbone transmission scenarios such as metropolitan area networks and backbone networks. The common ones are CWDM optical modules, DWDM optical modules, CFP transceiver modules, coherent transceiver modules, etc.

Data center products include 1.25G SFP/10G SFP+/25G SFP28/40G QSFP+/100G QSFP28 series optical modules, etc. With the rise of ultra-large data centers, 200G/400G/800G optical modules will also be used in succession.

Optical transceiver modules in data centers are mainly used for switches and server network cards; wireless products are mostly used for connection between base stations and access equipment rooms; transmission products are usually equipped with CWDM wavelength division multiplexing & demultiplexing devices or DWDM wavelength division multiplexing & The demultiplexer is used together. The access PON module is mostly used in OLT equipment and ONU equipment.