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Package Types of PLC Fiber Optical Splitters

January 08,2022

Planar Lightwave Circuits splitter (PLC splitter) is an integrated waveguide optical power distribution device based on quartz substrate. Its main function is to split the optical signal from an optical fiber into several optical fibers. The device consists of an optical splitter chip coupled with an array of optical fibers at both ends, with chip being the core. The chip has one input port and N output waveguides. An array of optical fibers is located on the upper surface of the chip, to form an optical splitter with one input and N output optical fibers after sealing the cast.

PLC splitter features excellent optical performance, high stability and high reliability, and can be widely used in PON network. There are different package types of PLC splitters to meet the requirements of different applications and scenarios. Major package types of PLC splitters include:

Bare Fiber Splitter

Bare fiber PLC optical splitter leaves bare fiber at all its ends, mainly for occasions that do not require frequent disassembly, such as cable connector box, optical fiber distribution board, etc.

Blockless PLC Splitter

Blockless PLC splitter has stainless steel tube package, which provides stronger fiber protection. Its pigtails can be terminated with or without fiber optic connectors, usually SC, LC, FC and ST. Blockless PLC splitter can be installed in cable connector box, module box and distribution cabinet.

Fan-Out PLC Splitter

Fan-Out PLC Splitters are designed with 0.9mm optic fiber to be fanned out into single fiber branches, which can be terminated with different connectors. Fan-Out PLC Splitters can be effectively installed in optical fiber DP box, optical fiber connector box or other small terminal boxes.

ABS Box Package PLC Splitter

Featuring compact size and flexible application, ABS box package PLC splitter is at present the most widely used type by various operators. It has a plastic ABS box to provide protection for internal cables and optical components.

Rackmount PLC Splitter

Rackmount PLC Splitter is designed for 19" rack unit standard, to meet the requirement of high cable density for data centers or server rooms. It is generally packaged in metal box, which is convenient for installation in optical fiber engineering, and provides good protection for PLC splitter devices. There are various adapter mounting interfaces such as SC, LC, FC or ST connectors. Rack-mounted optical splitters are widely used in FTTX projects, cable TV systems and data communication centers.

Wall Mount PLC Splitter

The box of wall mount PLC splitter is usually made of ABS material, providing reliable protection for direct connection, end connection or branch connection of optical fiber. It usually adopts 2U structure, with the upper layer being PLC splitter and the lower layer is fiber fusion tray. Wall mount optical splitter is used in terminal access link of FTTH access system to connect and protect optical devices. Wall mount optical splitter is applied in corridor, basement and server room, and is also sui for outdoor wall hanging and pole installation.

LGX PLC splitter

LGX PLC splitter is to house the optical splitter in a small metal box, and then install in 19" 1U/2U/3U rack unites. The input and output end of the tail fiber structure can facilitate connecting it to the ODF panel adapter, thus saving time. Its compact design provides a plug-and-play approach for easy installation into optical fiber distribution box, ODF sub-frame, optical fiber terminal box and cable connection box.

Plug-in Type PLC Splitter

Plug-in type PLC splitter is installed and fixed in the box, with connectors types including SC/FC/LC, and so on. It is mainly to corridor or outdoor optical splitter in FTTH access mode. The commonly used 1X4, 8, 16, 32 and 2X8, 16, 32 PLC splitters serve as plug-ins for mounting in customer specified cases, particularly corridor boxes.

Different types of PLC splitters are designed to meet the different needs of OLT and ONT connection and splitting of optical signals in FTTH passive optical network. As a 20-year professional manufacturer, GLsun provides various types of optical splitters to suit different application scenarios.