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Applications and Advantages of MTP/MPO Cables

April 28,2023

·Pre-connected terminal bridge wiring between workstations
·High-density optical fiber lines
·Communication and cable TV network
· Data center cabling system
· LAN and WAN clients

Application Scheme

1. The small size increases the wiring aperture, which greatly improves the wiring density and saves space.
2. Modular design, plug and play, saving installation time and cost.
3. corresponding structure can be selected to meet different wiring requirements.
4. It has excellent optical and mechanical properties, and has low insertion loss in high-speed network environments.

MPO fiber optic connectors and fiber optic patch cables provide a simple and easy-to-manage fiber optic cabling solution, widely used in FTTH and data centers that require high-density integrated fiber optic lines. Microcore cables are used to maximize the bend radius and are relatively small in size and bulk.

MTP/MPO fiber optic patch cords are ideal solutions for high-density wiring environments. As an important technology to upgrade to 40/100G Ethernet, MTP/MPO fiber patch cords are being used by more and more people. More high-quality MTP/MPO fiber cables that have passed the quality certification system are available in GLSUN high-density cabling solutions, 10G 40G 100G data center interconnection solutions, etc.