OEO Optical Electronic Optical Converter 10G Rate 8 SFP+ Slots Pluggable Module

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PN: SUN-OTS3000-OEO-10G-L-8-1
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OTS3000-OEO is a kind of function card in optical communication integrated platform. Its principle of optical-electron-optical transformation enables the optical signal to be regenerated and amplified to realize SM and MM interconversion, OEO amplification. This OEO converter becomes an ideal optical signal amplifying solution of low price and high-performance choice, and can work with other function cards (such as DWDM, OADM, DCM, and EDFA)together to construct the complete optical network transmission system.

Rate 10G rated SFP+ Working Mode Loopback mode
Maximum Slot Quantity 8 SFP max Heat Dissipation Ways With heat dissipation
Dimension (WxDxH) 160×200×21mm Relative Humidity 5 ~ 95%
Operating Temperature -5~+55℃ Storage Temperature -20~+70℃
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