EDFA 18dB Max Gain Erbium Doped Fiber Pre-Amplifier 16dBm Output, 1550nm LC/PC Connector

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OTS3000-EDFA is a kind of function card in optical communication integrated platform. Different from OEO, it can directly amplify the signal of multi-wavelength from the C-band to effectively extend the transmission distance when the optical signal is not enough to meet the requirement of the optical transmission distance. EDFA can work with other function cards (such as DWDM, OADM, DCM, and OTU)together to construct the complete optical network transmission system.

Amplifier Type Pre-amplifier Test Wavelength Saturated Output Power: Max +16 dBm
Maximal Gain Max 18 dB Connector LC/PC
Input Power Range -15 dBm ~ +8 dBm Relative Humidity 5 ~ 95%
Operating Temperature -5~+55℃ Storage Temperature -20~+70℃
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